Welcome to YogaTTP


Welcome to YogaTTP


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200 Hour TTP

4 weeks Program for first series Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. All level welcome. *


300 Hour TTP

6 weeks Program for Ashtanga Vinyasa second series. This program for those who have 200 hour certificate from any yoga school can join this program. *


500 Hour TTP

10 weeks Program for Ashtanga Vinyasa first and second series. All level welcome.*


pranayama TTP

Three weeks Pranayama Yoga Teachers Training Program


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Kapil has extensive international teaching experience, having lived and taught yoga abroad for many years. He has also conducted numerous workshops and seminars internationally. During the Indian off-season (May through August every year), Kapil is available to teach in international locations. If you're an owner of a yoga studio and would like to invite Kapil for workshop, please contact us!


Individual and Small Groups

In a private yoga session, Yogi Kapil devotes his undivided attention to your yoga practice, tailoring the session to your individual needs. Private yoga classes can take your practice further than solely relying upon group class.

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Yoga Teacher Training in India - RYT 200, 500 - Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient practice of being in tune with one's sublime energetic field and making sure that it is in line with the universal energy. It not only allows one to have complete control over his or her moods and feelings but also teaches one to develop complete mastery over the physical body. It is for this reason that that the ancient wisdom of yoga is still relevant to the needs of modern human beings. Millions of people enroll themselves to learn yoga around the world annually, and the rich rewards they reap from this practice transforms each and every aspect of their lives.

Yoga Teacher Training Program is a premier institution in Rishikesh, India offering in-depth courses for individuals who want to be full time yoga teachers themselves. For nearly a decade, we have been providing extensive beginners and advanced level yoga training to students thereby making sure that they clearly grasp the various facets of this ancient wisdom. We combine both theory and practice so that our students understand the spiritual aspects of the practice as well as their practical applications. We keep the instructional method simple and easy to understand, so that the students do not have any difficulty in understanding the subtle truths and facts about yoga. So whether a student already has some knowledge about this ancient practice or just starting as a beginner, he or she will be able to benefit greatly from the teaching methods practiced here at Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Ever since we first started our journey as a training institute for the yogic teachers of the future, we have focused on attaining certain basic goals. Our vision has always been:

  • To share the holistic living principles and eternal wisdom of yoga in ways that is comprehensible for the contemporary students.
  • To serve as a center of excellence when it comes to modern scientific research and analysis in the realm of yogic practice and healing.
  • To preach a holistic lifestyle and develop a sense of community based on the divine principles of yoga

Since our inception, we have also played an active role in spreading awareness about holistic living that is in accordance with Vedic wisdom as is expressed in Yoga and Ayurveda. The combination of these two streams of knowledge creates a wonderful healing technique that only helps to relieve the problems of the mind, body and soul but also helps in the further evolution of individual men and women.